Following Christ and Fishing for Men

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We meet in the Fellowship Hall at 9:30am for breakfast and prayer before visiting.

It is exciting to be a part of Christ’s commission to the church. This is as fundamental as Sunday morning worship and Sunday school.  This activity was the very first activity of the early church of Jesus Christ!  We still will go out from house to house to get the gospel message into the homes of thousands in our community. Great Commission Day is not a promotion or a gimmick to get more people into church.  It is an act of faith in God and obedience to Christ  to reach our community for Him.  It  will be a part of our church functions until Jesus returns or until the government declares it illegal  and punishable to exercise your freedom of religion in our nation.  Let’s share the Truth with others while we are able! Anyone in our church can participate.  A family can and should do this together.  Make this a part of your family calendar each month. Put it on your priority list. Please come out on  Saturday morning and join us.  If you are not available on Saturday, take some packets out this week and make the visits.  Bro. Peterson will explain how you can easily make visits. We are planning to expand the great commission days in the coming months to do more for Christ and reach more people.  I hope you will obey Christ’s command, “Go Ye…”.